Bob the Robber Unblocked: An Interesting Gaming Platform – A Review



Bob The Robber Unblocked is an engaging stealth-based puzzle platformer game. In this game, players usually take on the role of Bob, a skillful robber with a good heart who aims to rob the rich and corrupt to help the poor. Set in a series of increasingly secure locations, players must use stealth, cunning, and a variety of tools to bypass security, outsmart guards, and make off with the loot without getting caught.

App Details:

App Name: Robbery Bob
Size: 60M
Latest Version: 1.23.0
Publisher: Deca_Games
Genre: Action
MOD Info: Unlimited Coins

What is Bob the Robber?

Bob the Robber is a platformer game & a logic game. Players must make their way across the map to retrieve an item and move on to the next level, a classic trope of platformer games. At the same time, Players must perform tasks that typically test their gaming skills, such as disarming lasers & avoiding being caught by camera monitors. This combination of logic & platforming made us decide that Bob the Robber is also a platforming puzzle that belongs to the game’s playlist, which you can find here.

Game Developer:

Bob The Robber was developed by Flazm, a game development studio known for creating entertaining & innovative puzzle and strategy games. Their focus is on creating engaging gameplay experiences with unique characters and narratives.

Game Platforms:

Bob The Robber Unblocked is primarily available on web-based gaming platforms, making it easily accessible through internet browsers. This unblocked version of the game is prevalent in settings like schools and workplaces, where access to gaming websites might be limited.

How to Play:

Players control Bob through various levels, each designed as a building with multiple rooms and floors. The objective is to stealthily navigate through each level, avoid detection, turn off alarms, crack safes, and collect as much loot as possible before reaching the exit. The game requires careful planning & timing to avoid security cameras, guard dogs, and patrolling guards.

Game Controls:

  • Arrow Keys: Move Bob left, right, and interact with objects.
  • Up Arrow: Perform actions like opening doors or turning off security systems.
  • Space Bar: Attack (when necessary) or use gadgets.

How many levels are there in Bob the Robber? 

Bob the Robber map has five levels with lots of terrain variety. Whether it is a sketchy barn, a fancy jewelry store, & a full-on casino heist, players will find an excellent variety to offer in all games. Every single level has its look and feel; this isn’t just one of those games that put a slightly different background on each map and pretend that each level is different.

Tips and Tricks:

  • Stay Hidden: Use shadows and hiding spots to avoid being seen.
  • Patience is Key: Wait for the right moment to move past guards and cameras.
  • Plan Your Route: Study the level layout and plan the safest and most lucrative path.
  • Utilize Gadgets: Use gadgets wisely to distract guards or turn off security features.


Playing Bob the Robber 2 Unblocked is an excellent way to have fun while testing your strategic skills. All you need to play this game is a computer & an internet connection. With the tips & tricks in this article, you will be able to complete the mission and avoid being caught by the guards or cameras. So what are you waiting for? See Ruslan. Rocks that offer to unblock Bob the Robber 2 and start playing today!

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