Malta Speedboat Charter – A Yacht Charter Paradise


Malta’s archipelago makes for an idyllic yacht charter destination, boasting vibrant fortified towns, quiet beaches, stunning Baroque architecture, and numerous historic treasures and premium vineyards. Read the Best info about boat rentals Malta.

A bareboat yacht charter allows you to take control of your private vessel if you possess the appropriate licenses and registrations. However, there are a few things to keep in mind before embarking on such an experience.


Malta’s breathtaking waters make it the ideal sailing destination, offering sailing enthusiasts ample opportunity to discover hidden coves and visit some of Malta’s iconic landmarks from the water. Furthermore, exploring its pristine beaches and 7000 years of human history make sailing around Malta even more captivating – you can choose between various yacht charter options to get around this island nation!

Safety should always be your number one concern on any sailing trip, from bareboat charters to skippered charters. Always follow the instructions of your boating company, wear life jackets at all times, avoid dangerous areas, and refrain from drinking alcohol, as this can impair judgment and increase risk.

Bring all of the equipment needed for your charter trip, such as food and drinks. Always plan for unexpected circumstances by having a backup plan ready in case of inclement weather or other issues. Keep in mind that yachts only offer limited medical facilities, so treatment for injuries or illnesses may take time. To protect the yacht crew, should such an incident arise, agreeing to release, discharge, and hold harmless them as part of your charter agreement is also mandatory.


Boat rentals offer the ideal way to explore Malta. From your rented vessel, sail to hidden coves, swim in crystal-clear waters, and appreciate its gorgeous Mediterranean landscape. Moreover, visit charming cities like Mdina, where time seems to stand still among ancient streets and historic palaces.

For a comfortable Malta yacht charter experience, select a vessel that best meets your needs and budget. A speedboat or RIB are great choices for short day trips as they’re quick and easy to maneuver; meanwhile, for longer charters of at least a week’s duration, a catamaran or yacht is more spacious and has more amenities for maximum comfort.

From June to September, Malta offers ideal conditions for renting a yacht during its summer months – warm temperatures and clear skies make for perfect sailing conditions on these waters. Additionally, Comino Island’s breathtaking Blue Lagoon provides a peaceful experience without large tourist crowds.

Sailo offers advanced search filters to help you select the perfect yacht charter in Malta, whether by date, duration, number of people, and boat type—plus whether or not a skipper should be included in the price! To narrow your search, you can use these advanced filters. You can search based on dates, duration, people count, or even whether or not a skipper should be included as part of their price range!


Malta is an idyllic Mediterranean oasis, boasting more than 7,000 years of culture and heritage that make for an enchanting sailing destination, whether for day trippers or week-long yacht charters from Sailo.

Start your yachting experience in Valletta, Malta’s capital city and UNESCO World Heritage Site. Stroll along its narrow streets while admiring age-old buildings like St John’s Co-Cathedral or Upper Barrakka Gardens, which provide panoramic views over Grand Harbor.

Next, discover Malta’s uninhabited islets and inhabited islands. Malta is famous for its idyllic beaches and rich history – each island offers something different to explore! Whether you prefer religious processions and village feasts or architecture and landscapes to admire, Malta has something to offer everyone.

Your experience level and preferences determine your decision on whether or not to charter with or without a skipper. With our advanced filters, it’s easy to locate Malta boat rentals with a captain quickly included, skippers available as an add-on option (paid as extra), or bareboat you’ll be able to command yourself (boating license required). Click&amp Boat also makes messaging the boat representative easy so you can ask any questions and discuss itineraries and local attractions directly.


Malta is an idyllic yachting destination, boasting crystal waters, breathtaking cliffs, and over seven millennia of history. Situated at the center of the Mediterranean, it has calm sea conditions and consistent winds, attracting both experienced sailors and those new to sailing. World-class marinas provide world-class experiences, while its vibrant maritime culture will impress every sailing enthusiast.

A yacht charter is the ultimate way to explore Malta’s charming archipelago. From its comfort, you can discover its picturesque beaches and hidden caves; explore cultural landmarks like Valletta (UNESCO World Heritage site); explore its vibrant baroque churches; golden limestone houses; Egyptian-influenced temples.

Sailo can help you locate a Malta boat rental that suits your needs with its search filters, which allow you to narrow your options by boat type and price range as well as crew size and whether or not a skipper is included in the price versus renting a bareboat where you will captain yourself (boating license is necessary).

If you are planning on renting a yacht in Malta, be sure to book your trip early. Sailing season in Malta lasts from April through October; it is recommended to avoid July and August as these months can become exceptionally hot.