OrangeMonkey: What Is OrangeMonkey – All You Need to Know About It



OrangeMonkey is a lightweight user script manager developed by Extent. Helper. It is a fork of the popular Violentmonkey extension, offering enhanced functionality and an updated design. With OrangeMonkey, users can run user scripts, which allow them to customize their browsing experience. For example, users can create a dark theme for their favorite websites using user scripts.

One of OrangeMonkey’s critical features is the ability to make backups by saving the entire gallery in a zip archive. This ensures that user scripts are recovered in case of any issues. Additionally, users can install users by link, making it easy to add new scripts to their collection.

What is OrangeMonkey? 

OrangeMonkey is a unique ChromeChrome extension designed to manage user scripts and user scripts and browsers efficiently. It is an improvised fork of the Violentmonkey extension with far-reaching functionality and a fresh layout.

Utilizing OrangeMonkey, users can customize articles, such as designing a dark theme for their preferred sites. It also offers features like backing up your whole gallery in a zip file, installing users via a link, accessing an extensive user gallery, quickly switching scripts with a click, and supporting all ‘GM’ functions.

Understanding OrangeMonkey:

OrangeMonkey provides a large user gallery, allowing users to search & browse through a wide range of scripts. The extension also offers convenient one-click script switching, making it easy to turn scripts on or off as needed.

Another advantage of OrangeMonkey is that it supports all GM_* functions, providing users with a comprehensive set of tools for script development and customization. Overall, OrangeMonkey is a reliable and user-friendly user script manager for Chrome users, offering a range of features to enhance their browsing experience.

Features of OrangeMonkey:

  • Ability to make backups by saving your entire gallery in a zip archive
  • Installing users by link
  • Large users gallery available and search through it
  • Convenient one-click script switching
  • All GM_ * functions available

OrangeMonkey App Details:

Name: OrangeMonkey
Version: 1.0.6
License: Free
Platform: Windows
Latest update: Nov 29, 2023
Downloads: 3K
Developer: Extent. helper


OrangeMonkey is a lightweight user script manager. It is a fork of the popular ViolentMonkey extension with enhanced functionality and an updated design. OrangeMonkey is used to run called user scripts. Using them, you can, for example, create a dark theme for your favorite site.

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